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Adoption Procedure

on Thursday, 17 November 2011. Posted in Adoption, Palmore Hatley Blog

Ever wonder what adoption might look like, here is an adoption primer.

Here is a sample of what is required of prospective adoptive parents. Each situation is different but generally the child has to live with the prospective family for six months prior to adoption. Then comes the paperwork. Each spouse must join in the petition, the document that essentially asks the court to hear the adoption. Social studies are conducted on the prospective family. For non-familial adoptive parents a report concerning the child’s health, social, educational and genetic history is completed and the adoptive family has the right to see the report. The prospective family must have a criminal background check performed. If there is a managing conservator who is different than the adoptive parents, that conservator gives consent for the adoption. Once a petition for adoption is filed, the court hearing the petition gives the adoption a preferential setting. In other words, the adoption case can move up in line to be heard. A judge then hears the case with both prospective parents present, unless a waiver is granted so one can be absent. The adoption is consummated or granted and the record can then be sealed at the adoptive parent’s request.

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