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Life as We Know It...At Least When it Comes to Estate Planning

on Monday, 29 August 2011. Posted in Palmore Hatley Blog, Services

How to change life as you know it, good estate planning for the tragic and unexpected.

I had a friend recently tell me about a movie that she saw called “Life As We Know It.” Apparently, and I say apparently because I haven’t seen it (a bi-product of having two children under the age of four), the story-line follows two people, a guy and a girl. They find themselves shoved out of their single 20-30 something existence and thrust into parenthood when two friends die tragically in a car accident. They must now raise a toddler and from the looks of the movie poster chaos ensues. I can bet that the two leads, Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl find love or something close to it. I can also bet that after some rough spots, give and take, and a couple of disastrous diaper scenes these two become decent parents.

That’s Hollywood. Well I should say that’s part hollywood part real life. Tragedy happens but Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl aren’t always there to engage in hijinks and make everything ok. If you have a family you need to think about some scenarios you probably don’t really want to think about. What happens if I’m not here? What happens if we’re not here? Who raises our kids? Do those people know anything about kids? Do they have onscreen chemistry? Ok that last one may not make it into consideration but these are important questions you need to 1) ask and 2) plan for. This is where I can help. We can sit down and talk through these questions to help you understand options. And most importantly let you have control over what happens if film meets reality.

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