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Estate Planning Myth #1: You Can't Afford an Estate Plan

on Tuesday, 27 September 2011. Posted in Palmore Hatley Blog, Services

Let’s tackle one of the great estate planning myths before it festers and becomes fact. One of the most common myths about estate planning is you have to own a rocket car, wear a monocle, and have a second home in Aspen to afford one. Just like the Easter bunny, the Keebler Elves, and Jack-a-lopes this is a myth.

Here’s the reality: You can afford it and chances are you can’t afford not to have an estate plan. So what does it cost? A basic package that includes a Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Medical Directive, and a HIPAA authorization will cost you right at $400. Need a trust for your children or loved ones and you’re still under $500. Every estate plan is then reviewed for free anytime you need it. Additions or changes to the will are affordable and easy to execute.

We’ve talked about control and how your ability to control what happens to your children and possessions is priceless. Don McNay sums up what happens far to often for people that don’t have a solid estate plan. Forget for a second dollars and cents and think about the hidden personal cost of the battles over “stuff” that inevitably come.

You can afford an estate plan. Please feel free to contact me and let’s get started.

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